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Say No To Drugs, Learn From Whitney Houston Say No To Kidnapping And Banditry Say No To War
Say No To Drugs, Learn From Whitney Houston by Gistreal(m): Fri 10, June, 2022
By the time Whitney Houston was 40, her voice had been decimated by decades of drug and alcohol abuse, and she had to wear dentures to hide her missing teeth. Less than two decades earlier, she was the wholesome sweetheart of pop music. But once she married Bobby Brown in 1992, she began abusing cocaine so heavily that she could forget about singing for weeks on end, once telling Oprah that the pair would spend days smoking coke-laced joints, watching TV, and never speaking a word to each other.

By 2000, her behavior became increasingly unpredictable. Houston was constantly late to performances and often canceled at the last minute. And by the time the National Enquirer published a photo of her drug-covered bathroom in 2006 — a photo Kanye West would later buy for $85,000 to use as cover art for a Pusha T album — it had been 10 years since she'd had a hit album.

But then, in 2007, she divorced Brown and tried to turn her career around. She started touring again and entered rehab several times to stay sober. She even told friends she started swimming to build back her lungs after decades of smoking and in 2012, she booked a comeback performance at the Grammy Awards. Tragically, Houston drowned the day before the ceremony in a foot of water in the bathtub of her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton.

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