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Teaching Of Quran Wa-sunnah By Sheikh Doctor Sharof Gbadebo Raaji
Teaching Of Quran Wa-sunnah By Sheikh Doctor Sharof Gbadebo Raaji by Abdullah(m): Sat 11, June, 2022

Questioner: Can we say the Adhkaar in Sujood and Rukoo’ for more than three times?

Dr Sharof: Yes, there is no problem about this. You can say it for more than three times. However, the least of the odd number of supplications that should be said at those positions is three. You should also say “Subuuhun quddus rabb al-Malaaikati warruuh” (Perfect, Blessed, Lord of the Angels and the Spirit). “SubhaanakaLlaahummo (robbanaa) wa bihamdik Allahumma igfirlee” (How perfect You are O Allaah, our Lord, and Praised. O Allaah! Forgive me) should also be added.

However, as for whether or not you can say “Subhaano robbil al Azeem” (How Perfect is my Lord, the Supreme) or “Subhaano robiyal a’ala” (How Perfect is my Lord, the Most High) more than three times during Rukoo’ and Sujood respectively, yes, you can say it. Anas Ibn Maalik (rodiyaLloohu ‘anhu) said, ‘I have not offered the prayer behind anyone whose prayer is like that of Prophet except ‘Umar Ibn ‘Abdil’Azeez.’ Why? This is because in his Rukoo’ and Sujood he used to say the Tasbeeh for about ten times. This means that you are free to say it more than three times.

The scholars of fiqh opine that the Imaam should say the Tasbeeh five times so that the congregation will be privileged to say it three times. This is because the Imaam will go to Rukoo’ and rise (from Rukoo’) before the congregation. With the explanation of this Companion, it means that there is no harm in saying it more than ten times. Anas said he used to say the Tasbeeh for about ten times; this implies that they used to say it like that when praying with the Prophet.

Source: Q&A session of the tape, “Explanation of the names and attributes of Allaah“

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