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I Am That Smartest Person - Supreme Intelligence Person Who Had A Bad Thought But Did Not Say It, Has He Sinned? Meet The First Person In The World With A Wifi-enabled Antenna Implanted In His Skull
Person Who Had A Bad Thought But Did Not Say It, Has He Sinned? by Abdullah(m): Sat 11, June, 2022
Questioner: As for the one who had a bad thought but did not say it, has he sinned?

Dr Sharof: No, he hasn’t sinned against Allaah. The Prophet (sollaLloohu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said ‘Allaah will forgive my Ummah for whatever crosses their minds as long as they do not act upon it or speak of it’. If we would be called to account by Allaah regarding our thoughts, none of us will be qualified to enter Al-Jannah. By Allaah, many people are criminals when their thoughts are considered. However, once we do not articulate it or put it to action, Allaah will not call us to account. In fact, we sometimes have bad thought about Allaah. That is why Imaam Ibn Qayyim (rohimohuLlaah) said hardly will anyone be free from this. Allaah said, “…thinking of Allaah other than the truth, he thought of ignorance…” [Soorah Aali-Imroon (3):154]

(As a case study, if) there is a person who is always punctual in the mosques (to observe his daily prayers), he also gives in charity, he fasts during Romodoon, he goes to Hajj every year; if Allaah afflicts such person with some trials, he may not mention it, but he will have bad thoughts (about Allaah). (Thoughts like), why did Allaah befall me with this evil when there are many criminals in this vicinity who are been called to Islaam every day, privately and publicly but they refused? Why is Allaah making me face this trial? Hardly would you see people who do not have bad thoughts about Allaah except the one who Allaah saves. If there is a student who is steadfast in his religion to the extent that people would mention him as an example during discussions, will he have a good thought about Allaah if every other student passes an examination while he fails? He may have a bad thought about Allaah. However, Allaah is so good to us that He won’t call us to account if we do not speak of it and act upon it. If you do not speak of it and act upon it, Allaah will not call you to account for it. That is it.

Source: Q&A session of the tape, “Explanation of the Names and Attributes of Allaah”

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