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Coconut Crab (robber Crab) Why The Coconut Crab Is So Powerful?
Coconut Crab (Robber Crab) Why The Coconut Crab Is So Powerful? by Gistreal(m): Mon 13, June, 2022

The coconut crab — sometimes called a robber crab — boasts powerful pincers, which are some of the most dangerous weapons in the animal kingdom. Experts say a pinch from this crab can rival a lion’s bite. So there’s no question that they can do some terrifying things with their claws.

But the good news for humans is that the crabs don’t usually use their claws on us.
Those who have been pinched by a coconut crab say it hurts like “eternal hell.”
As the name suggests, the coconut crab’s main source of food is coconuts. And since most of these creatures live on islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, they usually have no trouble finding their favorite food. Still, it’s a bit unnerving to watch a coconut crab break open a coconut with nothing more than its bare claws. It’s even more unsettling when you learn that coconuts aren’t the only things that they can tear apart.

As omnivorous creatures, coconut crabs are willing to eat both plants and animals. They’ve been known to kill birds, feast on kittens, and rip apart pig carcasses. Verily, they’ve also been known to practice cannibalism — and they will rarely hesitate to eat other coconut crabs.
In short, almost nothing is off the menu for a robber crab.
They’ll even eat their own exoskeletons. Like most crabs, they shed their exoskeletons to grow new ones. But when their old, molted shell falls off, they don’t leave it behind in the wild like other crabs. Instead, they eat the whole thing.

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