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Read A Strange Story About Evie Toombes by Gistreal(m): Thu 16, June, 2022
In 2021, 20-year-old UK showjumper, Evie Toombes sued her mother's doctor's for allowing her mum give birth to her.

The judge ruled in her favor and she won millions of pounds that's probably enough to help her manage her life till she dies.

Evie Toombes suffers from spina bifida— a painful birth defect that requires her to carry support tubes around all her life.

Evie Toombes argued that as a professional doctor, Dr Philip Mitchell failed in his responsibility to advise her mother, a client who completely relies on his professional knowledge and his ability to help her make wise medical decisions.

Evie's mother backed up Evie's claim and asserted that if the doctor had advised her properly, she wouldn't have given birth to Evie.

The ruling set a new precedent in the UK healthcare system, because it means a healthcare professional can be held liable for improper pre-conception advice if advice results in the birth of a baby with serious health conditions.

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