How Do We Count Days From The Time Of Birth Of A Child To Slaughter Aqiqah? by Abdullah (m): On Thu Nov 2022 11:14am
Question and Answer with Sheikh Sharafudeen Gbadebo Raji.

Questioner: How do we count (days) from the (time of ) birth of a child to slaughter aqiqah?
Dr Sharof: All praise belongs to Allah. How you will count days is to (first) know when the child was birth, it is on the seventh day that Allah's law stipulates that we will slaughter aqiqah. And it is days you are told to count and not night. That means if you birth within the period we call afternoon, that is in the day, that means that is the first day. You will now proceed in counting until it reaches seven (day), then you slaughter the aqiqah.

It is then you name the child if you wish to delay it till the seventh day. Allah's law shows that you can name the child before the seventh day, there is nothing bad about it.

For example: the time we are now is in the afternoon. If the woman gives birth at exactly this time, if we start counting in one, two, three ... we will realize that next Thursday is the seventh day. Because you will count Friday (today), Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday — Thursday is the seventh day.

This is what is in record in every book because it is the one the hadith of the prophet brought. It is people who make calculation erroneously such that they slaughter aqiqah on the eighth day.

They abandon the seventh day, they hold on to eighth day, and would still fight one who sticks to the seventh day that was brought by the law (sharia'h) that why does he hold on to seventh day. The one that is not foundation is that which they headcarry, the one which is the foundation which we must busy ourselves with is what many people abandon. A lot of fathers fought their sons that 'are you also from the people of seventh day?'

Yes, we are people of seventh day because this is in line with the sunnah of the prophet — may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Where did you find eight day? Where did eight day come from? So, it is seventh day the sunnah of the prophet — may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him — says.
But if it were that tonight is when someone gives birth. (Suppose) we are in the night, and you are instructed to count days. So when will the seventh day be up? That is next Friday. That is how we would count it.

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