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How To Market Your Business On Social Media by Enehjerry(1): Sun 17, October, 2021
Do you want to know how to use social media to get more sales for your business? keep reading as i share tips on how you can use social media websites like Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to build a following and get more sales for your business.

1. set up your account for success:
if you want to sell on social media your account/profile has to be seen by fellow users so they can determine whether to buy from you or not.
the best way to do this is to put in words people are ACTIVELY searching for relating to the product you sell in your bio and username. e.g. if you sell hair products in Lagos, you can use words like "best hair product store in Lagos" in your bio.

2. post constantly:
if you want to be found on social media, post constantly at least 3 times a week. social media sites prefer to show recent posts to their users so if you post constantly more people will be able to see your posts and notice your business.

3. Network: succeeding online takes more than just existing you need to advertise your self and your business to fellow sellers, retweet their posts, follow their Facebook group, like and comment on their photos, send messages to them informing them you admire their brand and suggest ways to help each other.

4. Engage with existing followers: if you want your business to expand on social media, try replying to comments, retweeting and following back people that engage with your posts, doing this shows potential customers you are serious about your business and your always available.

Following these 4 tips will give you a solid social media strategy you can use to market your business online.

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