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Just Start From Somewhere
JUST START FROM SOMEWHERE by Bodezpen(1): Tue 19, October, 2021
Journey of a thousand miles begins with a little step. You don't need to be great to start, you just have to start to be great. The most important aspect of success is to start from somewhere.
Surely, your steps at the beginning won't be perfect and may not give you desired result. But, consistency and perseverance will move you closer to your destination. Patience is very vital in the journey of creating a good life.
When I realized and accepted the fact that I need to give myself time to achieve my ultimate goals, my view changed positively and clarify shone on my path.
The fact is, it takes longer time to achieve reasonable things in life. Of course I don't know exactly what you are doing with your time currently.
Maybe you are trying to builld your own business, maybe you are working hard and seeking for promotion in your job. Yours maybe expectation of new wife or husband.
Whatever it is you are expecting or trying to build, please give it time. Things may not come as fast as you are expecting, but it will surely be achieved if you hold on while doing necessity.
To most of us, our success will only be achieved after higher prices have been paid and after a long period of time.
During this period, you will feel like giving up or doing something funny. Devil would want you to derail as he whispers to your ears wrong ideals.
I would advise you to never listen to counsel of your emotions or satanic advice. Satan utilizes tough period and would want you to stop trying by offering you wrong advises and sending negative people to knock you down.
Never follow him, be strong and focus on your goals. You will win if you won't go back. Nothing can be better than your plan. Don't drop it because of challenges.
God likes the patient. He likes those that would trust him no matter what the case may be. Working and waiting is hard but nothing else leads to success than this. Lests keep moving.
Thanks for reading through, so what are your takes on this? Kindly drop your comments and don't forget to like and share this content.

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