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5 Set Of People You Must Avoid When Pursuing Your Dream by Tosin_d_origin(1): Tue 19, October, 2021
5 Set Of People You Must Avoid When Pursuing Your Dream

It was Tuesday evening sitting under one of the palm tree in front of my house, receiving fresh cool air. Oh my God! This is my best period of ruminating upon ideas, brainstorming about next step of action in my career. I don't know why I love nature so much and anything that has to do with tradition especially food. If you would ask me to choose among jollof rice, pizza, shawarma and others to local food such as black amala, pounded yam, mushroom soup, ewedu soup, gbegiri (beans soup) - I would always go for the local.

It got to the point I learnt how to personally prepare all this food from my mum. Mum! you are best. In my university hostel, my room mate awarded me best cook just because of preparing local dishes such as Amala and others.

Under the palm trees, one of my friend that I have always tried to avoid for one reason or the other came to me in my state of adventure within my mind. Within me, seeing him coming, I was like my God, he has come again! It's not that I dislike the guy or he did something bad, he's just one of my childhood friend who doesn't want to move to the next stage of his life by pursuing something ahead. He believes what he is destined to achieve will come to him. Before I continue,get this right " What you don't aim at, you can't get".

Destiny is gotten from the word destination, destiny is where one ended after work done on earth. Ones destination can be good or bad based on decisions you make daily. Ones decision determines where one would end. In today's session, I would be discussing 5 set of people you must avoid when pursuing your dream.

📌 The conformers: You must distance yourself from this set of people, they conformed to everything that happens to them or things that comes to them with no zeal of changing it for good. At times, the circumstances you find yourself or the environment you find yourself might not give you the opportunity to pursue your dreams. Get this "What you don't search, you can't find". Being handicapped by situation doesn't mean there is nothing that can't be done. My friend, things can be changed only when you believe it can be changed. Growing up, when I discovered that my strength was in public speaking, I was like where I find myself, I can't fulfill my dream of public speaking, until when I began to search and of course I did find. Don't limit yourself to your circumstances or situation. Change them, it first begin in your mind. Everything you will ever be or change begins there.

📌 The complainers: This set of people, they complain about everything instead of looking for ways to change things. I wasn't all not among the complainers, but understanding suggest why do I have I to complain when it wasn't having positive impact on me but instead, it kept depriving of my creativity to bring out solution. See my friend, if the country you find yourself refuse to grow, you mustn't refuse to grow personally. You must develop yourself and build circumstances you want to see around you by making decisions to be solution provider not complainers. Instead of complaining, ask what can be done? One of my prayer to God Almighty is to show me light when situation seems dark. At times, you don't need miracle, you only need light to see situation beyond the way it is in a positive way. If you ever study those successive business men, it's because they were seeing different things from what the world was seeing. Success is always hidden in complains, take note of them. You must avoid those who are complainers but keep those who are after providing solution.

📌 The entitled: This set of people always feel entitled to what they never worked for. They believe why do they have to do something before their government provide for them. To really change your life, you must avoid the entitled mindset. You must understand that nobody owes you a dime. Having an entitlement mindset only deprive you of doing great things, it sucks your ability to brainstorm and bring about great solution to a problem. You must avoid this categories of people. Don't get me wrong, am not saying you shouldn't claim your right when supposed to but having a mindset that before you could pursue your dream, someone or a government owes you something.

📌 The doubters: This set of people, they doubt everything. Even the fulfilment of your dreams. You can identified this set of people in this way; when you share your great plans towards achieving your dreams with them, their response is "I don't think you can achieve that" or "you don't have the money to achieve that". Who told them that money is the very first thing you need to achieve a dream? Think about it. The only thing that you've got at times is that thing God Almighty has placed within your heart. It not money but the dream. Although money is needed in the fulfilment of it, but it is in the process of you starting that the next step appear. If you don't start, you can never see the next step. At times, your dream will drive you to take a step while not seeing a particular step. That's when you touch God Almighty, you might think what do I mean by you touching God? It is through your faith. Your faith in what God has placed within your heart and following it caught God attention to make ways for you. To really fulfill your dream, you must quit doubting and start believing. You must avoid doubters with their sayings and keep those that makes your faith stronger.

📌 The party being: It is good to party and at the same time good to do it in moderate. I have come to realize that we human being love to party so well. Even if it could occur daily or would I say all hours of the day. We prefer pleasure to pain. You would remember, I have always say "nobody is exempt from pain". It's either pain of sacrifice or pain of regret, choose wisely. There are some things you have to put in place to warranty a good celebration. You must keep distance to those who does nothing about causing impact in great way. Don't get me wrong, partying is good but keep friend that would propel you towards the achievement of your dream. "Iron shapeneth iron, if your friends are not shapening you change them". Remember!! You are created for GREATNESS. The world is waiting for YOU. You are unique and that's your strength.

If you've gain one thing or the other, comment below, share and as well like it.

Personal Brand Expert, Information Marketer & Public Speaker

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