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Check Out The Foods You Are Eating Wrong by Ayomipo(2): Wed 20, October, 2021

If you do consume vegetables or fruits more frequently, you are likely to feel like you are gaining maximum nutrients from these vegetable and fruits you consume.
Buh that is quite untrue because of the high level of ignorance which makes you to consume some vegetables or fruits wrongly.
Wrong consumption of fruits and vegetables reduces the nutrients which is meant to be used by the body for numerous benefits. But in the cause of eating we throw it away with the thought that it is not useful whereas most of the stuffs you dispose after eating your fruits or veggies happens to be more nutritious than the fruit itself.
Check out some of the fruits you eat wrongly and how to correctly consume them. Let's get started.

Straw berry:
Straw berries is mostly known to be sliced by lot of people. Straw berry is a fruit which is highly loaded with vitamin C. This vitamin makes it unsuitable to the sliced. When straw berry is sliced. It exposed the vitamin to oxygen which destroys the vitamin in the fruit.

Some of us do eat raw tomato not knowing that we are cutting off the nutrients which is meant to be used by the body to develop. It is highly recommended to take it as a soup and other means apart from eating it raw.

The universal way of consuming water melon is by taking the sweet part of it or slicing it and along side with it remove every seed which can be found in this fruit. Watermelon seeds has been one of the most nutritious seed as it contains Omega-3 fatty acid, amino acid and so on. So it is quite advisable to consume it with its seed.

Most of us does not take the rinsing of apple seriously because we belive that they are nutritious but it is the other case round, studies shows 98 percent of the apple cultivated contains chemicals so it is advisable to watch before consumption and definitely not chemicals.

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