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Crime: Crime News Goes Here (99 topics)

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The most dangerous snipper shooter Simo Häyhä known as white death
by gistreal. Post & 104 Views. Thu 05, May, 2022
The biggest scam of all time is Victor Lustig who decided to sell the Eiffel Tower Twice
by gistreal. Post & 69 Views. Wed 04, May, 2022
Meet Nikko Allens Jenkins - Read some weird fact about him
by gistreal. Post & 53 Views. Thu 21, April, 2022
Violence is not the solution: IT'S THE PROBLEM
by nlsoft. Post & 70 Views. Wed 13, April, 2022
The San Pedro Prison in Lapaz Bolivia is one of the strangest prisons in the world
by gistreal. Post & 43 Views. Wed 23, March, 2022
BREAKING: The Russia Ukraine War President Zelensky Wants To Negotiate NOW
by nlsoft. Post & 43 Views. Sun 20, March, 2022
How Do Evil People Sleep At Night After All These Killings Of Innocent People?
by nlsoft. Post & 44 Views. Sat 19, March, 2022
The Most Notorious Armed robber in Africa - Who Was Dr Ishola Oyenusi?
by gistreal. Post & 45 Views. Fri 18, March, 2022
Nigerian And Iraqi Men Arrested For Gang-raping 18-year-old Ukrainian Refugee Fleeing War
by seedorf. Post & 52 Views. Wed 16, March, 2022
Russia and Ukraine War with escalating World War 3, What is the endgame
by nlsoft. Post & 45 Views. Tue 15, March, 2022
Meet Robert Philip Hanssen who worked for FBI as double agent spying for the Soviet and Russian intelligence services against the United States
by gistreal. Post & 39 Views. Mon 14, March, 2022
Meet Josef Frtzl - This Demon of a Father is a devil in human flesh
by goodboy. Post & 65 Views. Fri 11, March, 2022
Kidnapper reports to police after gang gave him only N200k out of N12m ransom
by talker. Post & 43 Views. Fri 11, March, 2022
Say No To War
by nlsoft. Post & 46 Views. Wed 09, March, 2022
Google Map, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, etc all Shut down in Russia
by nlsoft. Post & 76 Views. Mon 07, March, 2022 (abdullah)
Want to learn and Understand the NATO Russia War of 2019
by nlsoft. Post & 66 Views. Mon 07, March, 2022 (abdullah)
End Time - Meet OMAIMA Nelson The Woman Who Killed And Ate Her Husband
by talker. Post & 71 Views. Mon 28, February, 2022
biggest plane in the world was destroyed in Russian attack on airfield
by talker. Post & 66 Views. Mon 28, February, 2022
The Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Everything You Need To Know. Here
by nlsoft. Post & 112 Views. Sat 26, February, 2022
Loving, caring, self sacrificing, compassionate, imaginative and expressive cool headed individual
by goodboy. Post & 73 Views. Fri 04, February, 2022
Alleged Fraud: Hushpuppi to be sentenced on Valentine’s Day
by goodboy. Post & 91 Views. Thu 27, January, 2022
Gov. Engr Babagana Umara Zulum orders the immediate arrest of those who attacked Fadila
by starboy. Post & 80 Views. Tue 25, January, 2022
Airman Arraigned for Theft of N20m Mistakenly Credited to His Account
by starboy. Post & 66 Views. Tue 25, January, 2022
Hanifa Abubakar: Aisha Buhari calls for public execution of Abdulmalik Tanko who killed a 5-year-old pupil of his school
by goodboy. Post & 57 Views. Tue 25, January, 2022
The True Story Of One Of Nigeria’s Most Notorious Armed Robbers, Lawrence Anini
by goodboy. Post & 78 Views. Thu 20, January, 2022
What's the longest jail term you can think of: 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 years?
by abdullah. Post & 68 Views. Mon 17, January, 2022
Friends will either kill you or save you
by starboy. Post & 99 Views. Thu 25, November, 2021
Meet Jack The Ripper: The most notorious criminal of all time
by starboy. Post & 142 Views. Wed 24, November, 2021 (abdullah)
Meet Anton S. Lavey, the founder of the Church of Satan
by starboy. Post & 133 Views. Wed 24, November, 2021
In the year 2000, a real life horror show happened in Kanungu, Uganda
by starboy. Post & 137 Views.
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