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Relationship: Bond with another that goes deeper than affection, attraction, lust, or friendship. mutual expression of respect, trust, honesty, integrity, intimacy, chemistry, and partnership. Feeling of best experienced together. You find it in each other. (63 topics)

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Strange Bride Price
by gistreal. Post & 7 Views. Mon 16, May, 2022
Have you heard about fictosexuality? Meet Akihiko Kondo
by gistreal. Post & 13 Views. Sat 14, May, 2022
What is wrong in marrying someone order than you? Kenya Man Marries 85 Years Thereza
by gistreal. Post & 41 Views. Wed 06, April, 2022
You Will Never Chase A Woman After Reading This
by nlsoft. Post & 46 Views. Fri 25, March, 2022
I'M A Sex Worker And I make Masturbation Videos Of Myself and Sell Online
by nlsoft. Post & 46 Views. Sat 12, March, 2022
The Husband-Wife Dream Man, What My Girlfriend Said To ME: A Most Read
by nlsoft. Post & 170 Views. Mon 14, February, 2022
Divorce is prohibited In Philippines — You need to take your time before you get married
by talker. Post & 80 Views. Sun 06, February, 2022
Wedding called off in Abuja after bride casually told groom that she’s 5 months pregnant for another man
by goodboy. Post & 213 Views. Sun 21, November, 2021 (abdullah)
Best pre-marriage discussion for courtship to prevent break up
by starboy. Post & 365 Views. Wed 17, November, 2021
He who don't love his country is an open enemy
by starboy. Post & 409 Views. Mon 15, November, 2021
Relationship Tips - 4 Types of Attachment That Can Help You Understand Your Partner Better
by starboy. Post & 133 Views. Tue 26, October, 2021
How to maintain a healthy long-term relationship
by stevec. Post & 150 Views. Mon 25, October, 2021
Check out Four Powerful Precautions For Faithfulness In Marriage
by bodezpen. Post & 114 Views. Tue 19, October, 2021
10 tips for preventing divorce - Best Solution To Enjoy Marriage For Everlasting
by bodezpen. Post & 142 Views. Tue 19, October, 2021
by starboy. Post & 202 Views. Sun 17, October, 2021
DEAR UNHAPPY MARRIED WOMAN - If you must quit a troubled marriage? do so
by starboy. Post & 128 Views. Sat 16, October, 2021
by starboy. Post & 139 Views. Sat 16, October, 2021
There are so many ways you can make an achievement in life, don’t count marriage as one so you don’t fall into the nepotism trap
by starboy. Post & 190 Views. Sat 16, October, 2021
WARNING: Don't get married until you have answered the 26 Most Ignored Questions By Singles
by starboy. Post & 142 Views. Sat 16, October, 2021
by starboy. Post & 129 Views. Fri 15, October, 2021
4 Things Serious Minded Men Are looking Out For Before They Proposes
by bodezpen. Post & 132 Views. Tue 12, October, 2021
Smile More- Live Longer
by chimex. Post & 172 Views. Mon 11, October, 2021 (abdullah)
Ingratitude Is A Killer And It Is So Disturbing-Funke Felix Adejumo Tackled Married Men For Not Thanking Their Wives After Having Sex With Them (Video)
by hadizat. Post & 201 Views. Fri 08, October, 2021
Flashback: List Of Men And Women You Should Not Marry According To Pastor Adeboye
by bodezpen. Post & 140 Views. Fri 08, October, 2021
Money is not Important in Marriage, Love is all you Need
by starboy. Post & 135 Views. Thu 07, October, 2021
One of the ways to enjoy good, long lasting relationships (not just marriage) is to quit expecting perfection from others
by starboy. Post & 135 Views. Wed 06, October, 2021
Marriage Consideration – Between Companionship And Procreation
by starboy. Post & 125 Views. Wed 06, October, 2021
Detox Your Relationship With Your Soul mate
by starboy. Post & 149 Views. Wed 06, October, 2021
The things you hear and the information you expose your heart to have a way of influencing your life
by starboy. Post & 147 Views. Wed 06, October, 2021
Sometimes patience is the best thing a man can give a woman who is learning to trust again
by starboy. Post & 225 Views. Wed 06, October, 2021
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